As I See It: I'm so glad I'm older

Does anyone believe our economy is sustainable? In 2020, the federal government had revenues of $3.4 trillion and outlays of $6.6 trillion. How much longer can we get away with that?


I could have used “old” instead of “older” in this headline. I never want to think of myself as “old.” It’s more like I am an 18-year-old kid stuck in an older man’s body.

I don’t know if my parents felt this way. I’m certain at some point every older generation began to feel that the younger generations had gone to pot, and I imagine the older generation predicted eventual catastrophe too.

At some point, the older generation is going to be found to be correct - sooner or later.

I would think that nearly all authors have developed real skill in using words. It is much easier to compose anything written when both the author and the reader have a common understanding of the meaning of words.

Nowadays, it is nigh unto impossible for people of multiple generations to have a common understanding of anything.


I don’t have the time or the inclination to “reimagine” anything. I have a fertile, productive imagination that is sometimes difficult to master. If I could “reimagine” anything, I would direct it toward a kinder, gentler society where everyone obeyed the laws and was responsible for his or her actions and willing to accept the consequences of those actions.

To many folks today, that means I’m a racist. I don’t need to reimagine public safety; it’s altogether obvious to me. And I’m not alone.

I am fully awake and cannot understand the concept of “woke.” It is supposed to mean that one is alert to injustice and discrimination in society (especially racism). This has been expanded exponentially to include sexism, gender discrimination, white privilege and slavery reparations.

I love history. I studied European history, ancient Chinese history and American history, including a three-quarter series on the History of the South.

The one thing most students of history understand is the recurring cycles of history. Societies, nations and governments rise and fall for the same reasons - all related to human behavior.

Greed and/or the thirst for power appear to be ingrained in the human psyche. Think about the Caesars, Genghis Kahn, Attila the Hun, some Russian czars, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot and so many others.

You can cancel all the culture you want, but you can’t understand history if your prism is today.

The U.S. attorney general has directed the Justice Department to investigate parents who aggressively criticize school superintendents and school boards. Parents continue to see their rights as parents eroded by legislators and the courts.


It’s no wonder they voice threats in their anger and frustration. No one listens to them any longer.

I don’t know how long our federal republic democratic/capitalist society will last. If we don’t understand the massive tentacles of socialism contained in the two major bills before Congress now, we are well on our way to own economic destruction; Venezuela is a prime example.

The president has claimed that many people won’t pay an extra dime to pay for these bills. The Congressional Budget Office says that is incorrect. At least one normally liberal-supporting newspaper even agreed. Margaret Thatcher had it right when she noted with socialism, sooner or later you will run out of other people’s money.

If one is looking for a cure for systemic racism, they need to reimagine the Great Society and all the trillions of dollars that have been spent and will continue to be spent on welfare without significantly changing the plight of many Black Americans.

We have created a dependent class of monumental proportions. Each generation of generous politicians seeks to add to the cost without adding any value!

Many companies tout their products as being sustainable. I think that means they replace the natural resources they use in manufacturing their products.

Does anyone believe our economy is sustainable? In 2020, the federal government had revenues of $3.4 trillion and outlays of $6.6 trillion. They had to borrow the difference and do some fancy manipulation of currency to make things appear to work.

How much longer can we get away with that?


One thing I am confident of in the future: Trump derangement syndrome will still be alive long after I am not.

That’s the way I see it.

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