As I See It: He, she or it

Because we can do something never supports the moral right to actually do certain things


Nature has a simple, but profound, structure and balance.

You can see it starting with the atom — the basic building block of physical matter. Atoms have three components — neutrons and protons in the nucleus and electrons that “orbit” around the nucleus.

Two of these components have an electrical charge; protons are positive and electrons are negative. Neutrons have the greatest physical mass, but no electrical properties. The variety of arrangements of all three particles make up the elements — order and balance.

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Every language with which I am familiar has specific distinctions between masculine and feminine nouns, verbs and adjectives. Proper usage of spelling and pronunciation were drilled into all of us during our studies.

Gender had to agree in speech and word — with words being masculine, feminine or neutral. It’s interesting how the structure of matter has a parallel in virtually every language — more order.


So here we are, the highest form of physical life on the planet. We human beings were created male and female. That’s what the Bible states and even if you don’t believe in that, for many millennia, everyone (even those who never heard of the Bible) believed and accepted the essential difference between male and female.

Looks to me like nature supported that distinction from earth’s creation.

While some animal species exhibit forms of homosexual behavior, virtually all of them are demonstrably male or female, especially when it comes to reproduction, which requires actions by both genders.

Even many plants have both male and female components and they seem to work together just fine, or we wouldn’t have much of anything to eat!

The human mind is capable of rational thoughts, analysis and logic. Yet it can and does go off the rails into realms of the irrational and illogical — especially when imagination and emotions interfere with and eclipse logic.


We need to recall Mr. Spock from "Star Trek" to return logic to our thinking.

I hearken back to the Hans Christian Andersen story, "The Emperor’s New Clothes," and can see how some can be devoid of any shred of logic when another person decides that he or she is not what they were born; not what their biology (science) supports; and decides that nature has played a cruel prank on them — which must be remedied in any and every way possible.


And aided and abetted by politicians, feminists, progressives and a pseudo-health “care” system — gender-affirming care — it will soon become a tragedy with monumental impact and another vestige of pure evil, oftentimes funded from the public coffers.

More disorder.

No one is willing to say, “Hold on, wait a minute, something’s not right.” There is a definite mental health issue in this whole gender identity issue that we blithely ignore!

I’m not talking about trying to reprogram anyone, but simple logic would indicate there have to be some other causes or factors that may be at play here, especially when we are talking about impressionable young children.

What are we afraid of in this regard?

The Hennepin County prosecutor has declared she will not prosecute teenagers for murder because their brains are not fully formed until they reach 25 years of age. Yet we offer gender-affirming health care (including surgery reminiscent of the butchery practiced under the Third Reich) to much younger children.

Because we can do something never supports the moral right to actually do certain things. That is absolutely lost on too many citizens and politicians. Is the whole state out of order?

We are expected to accept and embrace a whole new vocabulary — especially pronouns. People are losing jobs because of the simplest of words. In my opinion, “he” or “she” and “her” or “him” work just fine. And “it” can cover the rest. That worked quite well for millennia and should still work today.


Order is possible, but requires real work.

If you were the supreme being and creator of everything, how much longer would you put up with the antics of our country and society? Sodom and Gomorrah anyone?

I pray and weep for my grandchildren and yours too.

That’s the way I see it.

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Echo Journal Columnist / Pete Abler

Opinion by Pete Abler
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