As I See It: De jure vs. de facto

Climate change, abortion “rights,” the COVID-19 pandemic and other issues have been, and are being used, to push us down into another form of slavery where the citizens must obey the dictates of the government


Our government is a federal republic – by law – not necessarily a democratic republic.

I would posit that – in fact – we actually have a form of dictatorship. I harken back to our last president when many of his critics said his goal was to be a dictator.

But those same critics do not recognize the burgeoning transition of our political system to a one-party (quasi-one person, totalitarian) rule.

Climate change, abortion “rights,” the COVID-19 pandemic and other issues have been, and are being used, to push us down into another form of slavery where the citizens must obey – without question or criticism – the dictates of the government.

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President Biden visited Florida to view the damage Hurricane Ian caused. He said this: “There’s a lot going on and I think the one thing this has finally ended is the question of whether or not there’s climate change and we should do something about it.”


Meanwhile, a few days before the hurricane’s landfall and the president’s remarks, the acting director of the National Hurricane Center, Jamie Rhame, cautioned Don Lemon of CNN about linking any hurricane’s strength to climate change. While admitting that storms “might” be stronger, linking one singular event is not supportable.

Lemon – showing his bias and pushing the liberal narrative – continued to ask the same questions, without success. Even Sen. Amy Klobuchar recently implied that we must elect Democrats so we can fix the climate.

We do not have the power to “fix” the climate; it is far above all our abilities! It is inescapable to realize the climate has always been changing since the earth’s atmosphere first developed.

What is currently open to discussion and debate is how much of any climate change is the result of human activity and whether whatever is negatively affecting the climate can be changed.

Reputable scientists who question climate conclusions suffer the same derision as the Old Testament prophets who were beaten, left in wells to die, or killed.

“Settled science” is a cop-out. Science in every discipline is always making new discoveries as the world evolves. We learn more every day; understanding takes takes us far longer.

Do you know your tax dollars are paying to build the recharging stations? If we could capture lightning, we might be able to provide enough electricity to charge all the electric vehicles we will eventually build without overloading our fragile distribution grid.

Switching gears, many women and the federal government both appear to be on a vendetta against “right-to-life” organizations and individuals. Violence against churches and organizations is ignored by the media and is given lip service by some law enforcement agencies.


On the other hand, the FBI has made several public show-of-force arrests of individuals who are accused of having violated federal law in inhibiting access to abortion facilities during their protests. Local trespassing misdemeanors have morphed into much, much more.

How can killing an unborn human being ever be considered as a “right?” If Black Lives Matter, why are nearly 40% of all aborted children black?

I don’t know what the fall and winter seasons for influenza and the next variants of COVID-19 will be, but I’m wondering what new restrictions will be imposed by federal, state and local governments on everyone. I’m certain historians 50 years from now will be analyzing how the United States and other countries disrupted or severely damaged their economies.

Too many people lost their jobs, businesses and livelihood to the draconian – one-size-fits-all – rules that continue in some form today. And your government is telling us that inflation is under control and nothing to worry about.

Every day someone in government is working, directly or indirectly, on laws and policies that will reduce our freedoms and make you more dependent on the government.

Doubt me as you wish; I may not have to pay the price. Unfortunately, our children and grandchildren will.

That’s the way I see it.

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Echo Journal Columnist / Pete Abler

Opinion by Pete Abler
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