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Some thoughts on the leaked U.S. Supreme Court draft decision regarding Roe v. Wade and abortion


Since I write a column every other week, I usually have a lot of time to develop a coherent opinion piece or essay. However, the events of this past week had me working overtime to shift gears from writing about the power of money to discussing the unprecedented events of this past week.

No matter which side of the issue of life you are on, the disclosure of a draft of a Supreme Court decision on the Dobbs v. Jackson case, which could overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade case that legalized abortion nationally, is a further bit of evidence of how far we have allowed ourselves to be divided. I will get to discussing the underlying issue in a bit.

I am certain the final decision on this case was not, and will not have been, arrived at without a great deal of honest and heated discussion among the justices. On the other side of that coin, the justices surely realize the impact of their collective decisions on individuals and the country.

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Leaking any part of their deliberations or decisions before being formally publicized risks furthering the unhealthy, further politicization of the judiciary. If we lose confidence in the judiciary, I fear we haven’t seen anything yet when it comes to civil violence.

All nine Supreme Court Justices have received additional protection. Leftists have called for violence against the Supreme Court, the justices and the national government. A Catholic church in Colorado was vandalized following the leak.


Is there anyone who can see the parallels between the protests and threats of violence and the unbelievable violence visited upon nearly 65,000,000 babies since Roe v. Wade?

One could say a number of people perjured themselves before the Supreme Court when testifying in support of a “right” to abortion. The number of deaths from “back alley” abortions presented to the justices at that time was grossly exaggerated in sworn testimony.

The truth didn’t matter to liberal progressives then; it still doesn’t matter. Do you really believe over one million Americans have died directly from COVID-19? Or are some cooking the books to save their reputations?

The sad truth is that overturning Roe v. Wade will not make abortion illegal; it simply removes the federal law and returns the authority to legalize or ban abortion to individual states. All of the sudden, “women” and their “rights” are again front and center in the left’s propaganda.

I thought we weren’t allowed to think, write or speak about individual sexes? Sex is gone, gender is king. As further evidence of this is the incoming justice - Ketanji Brown Jackson - who will be seated this fall and won’t even define a woman.

Is this world so upside down that a fifth grader can define a woman, but adults can’t or won’t?

Women are privileged to possess one of the most extraordinary gifts known to human beings. St. John Paul II emphasized this when he said, “The moral and spiritual strength of a woman is joined to her awareness that God entrusts the human being to her.”

Since before the Supreme Court decision in 1973, progressive liberal individuals and groups have purposely or unwittingly worked to destroy the dignity of women, turning them into victims of society.


We didn’t create the world. We have been given 10 all-encompassing rules to live by. Women - through their ability to conceive, bear and mother children - have an enormous impact on the future of our country and the world. Mothers will either be the conduits of our salvation or complicit in our destruction.

It’s that simple.

That’s the way I see it.

P.S. At some point, the Supreme Court is going to have to rule on at what point human life begins. That is going to eclipse most everything the justices have dealt with in the past. I hope I’m around then.

Opinion by Pete Abler
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