I thought and hoped to be done writing much about, or in reaction to, Donald Trump after Nov. 3.

The man who was going to make America great and strong again has done the opposite.

The man who was going to remake Washington, D.C., or “drain the swamp," has only made it worse. He has made his “governing realm” into revolving doors of extreme cronyism with no continuity and short on competence.

After four years of rule by intimidation, he is now threatening to tear down the house of cards that he has slapped together.

The man who was going to attract millions of jobs for middle America has left us with fewer jobs; he's the only president to do so since Herbert Hoover.

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The man who proclaimed law and order ended up permitting and even promoting extreme lawlessness - with resulting desecration, injury and even death.

I never liked the guy from his “Apprentice” days where he seemed to delight in firing anxious young employees.

After he became president, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt a few times, but not after the fall of 2019, when he was convicted in a New York court for misappropriating hundreds of thousands of dollars. He took these monies from funds others had donated to Trump family charitable trusts for his personal use to buy expensive paintings and other artifacts for his house in Mar-a-Lago and to make improvements on his golf course.

That did it for me.

Then came last Wednesday, Jan 6, and the many things that led up to it. It has been heavily, heavily publicized every day since. It has aptly been named as a day of infamy.

It certainly was a day of reprehensible conduct. And, the most reprehensible was Trump.

I sort of wish they had another island like Waterloo awaiting him; somewhere to drop him off, where it wouldn’t make much difference whether he learns to keep his mouth shut or not.

It has been the expressed opinions of President-elect Biden and Colin Powell to leave Trump alone and ride it out the last few days of Trump’s presidency. They feel it better for the nation to concentrate on COVID-19 and the millions so in need of immediate assistance.

However, Trump doesn’t leave many good choices as he drags out his dangerous exit that has now become deadly. We trust him zero with his minions swamping social media calling upon people across the country to descend on Washington armed en masse and Trump egging them on with his Tweets, “Big Protest.” “Be There.” “Will be Wild."

It’s an ugly aspect of our society that won’t go away overnight. I hope our new leadership over the next four years will, in fact, make it a truly better America.