One of the things that bothers me most about politicians is they are incapable of owning up to the things they say and do - sometimes almost immediately, and at other times it’s years later.

To refresh your memory, so many people were certain Hillary Clinton was going to win the presidency that when she didn’t, the immediate conclusion was that nefarious forces from within or outside of the United States had to be the cause. And what followed was an organized and concerted effort (that actually started when President Trump announced his candidacy) to prevent and then to delegitimize his election and hopefully remove him from office.

After more than four years of strident opposition using falsified documents and many other means, including the most amateurish, ridiculous attempt at impeachment we will likely ever witness, nothing worked.

And now when President Trump claims that voter irregularities and fraud cost him re-election, he is roundly ridiculed and excoriated.

While I personally believe it is unfortunate and somewhat childish on his part to continue his legal actions, I must ask the opposition if they can honestly look in the mirror and not admit they acted in essentially the same way for the last four years. The irony is so strong you can taste it.

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Another thing sticks in my mind. Hillary Clinton told Joe Biden that if he lost the vote to never concede. There are legal reasons for not conceding that I only barely understand. So, if it would have been good for the Democrat goose, why isn’t it good for the Republican gander?

President Trump is not a politician; he doesn’t buy into the niceties of the collegial (almost fraternal) decorum of the Senate and House, which is more like a self-licking ice cream cone than a branch of government focused on improving life for all citizens.

I believe he is taking this probable loss about as well as Hillary Clinton is purported to have taken hers in 2016.

That this is occurring amidst the COVID-19 virus pandemic only adds to the drama. There are plenty of critics who decry the administration’s response. Could it have been better? Probably. Would it have changed the outcome? Probably not.

The simple issue of a face mask has once again demonstrated the American people can be ungovernable. We have had so many issues in the past where citizens have demonstrated that they will not follow all the rules. Adherence to speed limits, anyone?

Masks take away a major part of one’s facial identity. And if there’s anything we want it is to be recognized for ourselves. President Trump knew that and played on it. On top of that, he tried to reduce the impact on businesses.

With this second and far more expansive wave of infections, many more small businesses will fail. And this is all driven by the availability of proper hospital facilities.

Who owns that issue? Who will step up to fix it?

During the campaign, Joe Biden said he had the answer for everything. Now, prior to the transition he is crying that he isn’t getting the information he needs to start structuring his programs. Make haste slowly is something few really understand. And isn’t it apparent his call for unity is as hollow as when he was in the second seat - agree with us or else?

We may soon find out what happens when people vote against one person they cannot bring themselves to support, by voting for another person who is merely acceptable.

Well, that’s the way I see it.

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