As I am writing this it is just over a week until the election, and I know nothing I may say is going to change anyone’s voting preference. Heck, so many of us have already voted that even the last debate is not going to have much influence on the outcome.

Still, I have some final thoughts.

To say this has been an interesting campaign by both parties is certainly an understatement. Against the backdrop of the varying nationwide response to the COVID-19 pandemic the president has campaigned openly - with a great deal of criticism. Meanwhile, former VP Biden has run a virtual campaign, running countless commercials that make him appear to be everywhere all the time while self-sequestered in his basement. I’m not certain, but it appears his surrogates have made more personal appearances than he has.

I wonder why VP candidate Kamala Harris called the virus the greatest gift to the left? Never let a crisis go to waste is one of the mantras of our liberal friends. Rejoicing at misfortune - a class act!

We still do not have a second stimulus package - why? Nothing positive for President Trump is the real answer. Thinking back to the book and movie, "The Caine Mutiny," I try to imagine what could have happened if instead of vehemently opposing President Trump over nearly every one of the items on his agenda and his proposals, the Democrat legislators had attempted to actually cooperate with him.

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Instead of continuing to question his legitimacy and wasting precious taxpayer dollars on quixotic quests like trying to invent foreign collusion and an impetuous impeachment, a spirit of cooperation could have enhanced the party’s reputation. Rather, they have solidified their reputation as the Rock-of-Gibraltar party of fringe groups and ultra-liberal interests.

If the Republicans lose the White House, I hope and pray they keep the Senate. It would be a real tragedy - socially and economically - if the Democrats were to win all three. Having the presidency, Senate and House in hands of either party is not good for the country. In that case, there isn’t any need to work with members of the party that’s not in power.

A question. If the vacancy on the Supreme Court occurred with the current political party power situation reversed, does anyone believe the Democrats would not be doing the same as the Republicans?

If the election results are not immediately known on Nov. 4 and indefinitely delayed, which party is going to protest the most? Will both parties speak out equally about any violence, rioting, looting and the like? Will it take the military to restore order where police departments have been weakened by cuts and resignations?

I watched many of the confirmation hearings for now Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. It struck me that the word “hearings” is not so much directed at the nominee since the questioners did most of the talking. The “hearings” always seem to be a platform for the political participants to pontificate about one thing or another.

Inevitably, things turned to religion and morality, and whether the nominee could put her religious beliefs and morality aside in adjudicating hypothetical and actual cases - specifically Roe v. Wade and the topic of abortion.

John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” While abortion may be legal, it raises many moral and legal issues. At some point, the Supreme Court will be required to rule on the issue of at what point human life - that deserves Constitutional (5th Amendment life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) protection - begins.

The major Christian religion - Catholicism - has already stated its position and teachings that life begins at the point of conception. Other conservative denominations agree, but not all do. And certainly not all Catholics believe or act in accord with their professed church’s dogma.

Just as the Supreme Court issues its final judgments in our temporal world, we will all be subject to our personal final judgment by the Supreme Power. Many people believe a merciful God will never condemn anyone. They don’t recognize that His mercy is tempered by judgment and we actually condemn ourselves by our unrepentant behavior and choices.

I certainly would not want to have to answer why I voted for someone who supported abortion.

Well, that’s the way I see it.