A number of people have asked over the past few months: Why are you so supportive of Joe Biden for president?

Let me count the “whys."

At least, let me relate some of the countless reasons to support Joe Biden over our current president, just as I supported Biden earlier in his contest against 20 other candidates for the Democratic nomination.

Most of all, he’s a better man, a better person, a better human being.

He cares deeply about others than himself. Joe Biden has spent most of his adult life representing and advancing the well-being of those who are less fortunate and most in need.

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For those few of you who haven’t finalized your opinion, or are uncertain or wavering about your vote, Biden is by far your safer choice.

You know he will work with others and get along with others, even in testing situations. You can know he is willing to compromise to get things done, never displaying the “my way or the highway” attitude that is so prevalent in the present White House.

Biden doesn’t make rash, snap judgments or outbursts, like our incumbent president. Joe first really listens to all points of view, learns from the exchanges and then responds, firmly and with conviction.

I mentioned earlier that he gets along with others, which is most clearly exemplified this year. After months of contentious campaigning and debate for the Democratic nomination, every one of Joe Biden’s opponents came forward and joined in his support - and willingly so. Most are now touring the whole country campaigning in Joe’s behalf.

That certainly was not the case for our current president in 2016.

Joe Biden is not the greatest orator, yet he is an effective speaker and spokesman for whatever issue or cause he is working on. I like his effective work style that got a lot accomplished in 30-plus years in Congress and eight years as vice president.

He has great endurance and persistence. He knows what it takes to get things done in Congress. He knows the necessary patience, and give and take that is required to gain good compromise results.

And, when successful, he is quick to credit others and never claim that he singlehandedly achieved the good result.

In regard to COVID-19, at our uppermost minds right now, Joe Biden is standing ready to proceed with a careful and cautious plan in alliance with our most expert medical expertise available. On the other hand, we’re facing a worsening of the pandemic after many months of Trump’s denials, delays and reversals and blaming others.

In regard to health care, so important to all of us, Joe Biden has a detailed plan, open for our review, that will make our present system more affordable and accessible to more people. It will guarantee coverage of pre-existing conditions and go a long way toward cutting excessive profits on drug prices.

In contrast, we have a president who has repeatedly promised a “great health plan” for the last five years, and has produced nothing.

In Joe Biden, we have a very moral man of faith who tries his best to do his best for most. He and wife Jill start each week in attendance, without fanfare, at the church near their home in Delaware.

Conversely, Trump has spent most every weekend over the past four years playing golf and hobnobbing with his rich contributors at one of his golf courses in Florida.

Trump’s one very “pious” church attendance was when he marched with military officers, through protesters, with a Bible tucked under his arm for a photo op at the steps of a Washington, D.C., church that he neither attends nor was invited to.

Over the past four years, we’ve had a president who delights in embarrassing and insulting and attacking and criticizing all different walks of life in America. He has been convicted in a New York Court for stealing or misappropriating funds from his own family charitable foundation, for frivolous expense.

He has bragged about tax avoidance, yet fights to prevent tax disclosure that he has promised, then resisted, for five years, and now is forced to acknowledge that he only paid $750 federal tax in the years before and after his 2016 election.

On the one hand, you have a choice of an incumbent who is arrogant, selfish, obnoxious and outrageous, and is only getting worse and more threatening, as we come down to the wire and it doesn’t look good for him. In just the past few days, more and more staunch Republicans are leaving the fold and telling the nation that it will be better off with Biden.

The Biden choice gives option of a more quiet, cordial leader who will work to get America pulling together, instead of pulling itself apart.

I fervently hope, if you are undecided or are rethinking this important decision, that you can find your way to vote this one time, for this one man, Joe Biden, to have a chance to bring reason, trust and goodwill back to America, and a better relationship with all the rest of our big world.