It's almost World Series time!

Yikes! I almost forgot to do a wrapup of my 2020 Minnesota Twins forecast. Gee, I wonder how it slipped my mind? Could it have been that I wasn't paying much attention?

Way last spring in April, when I made my fearless forecast, we thought the COVID-19 virus would go away in a month or two and everything would return to normal. Kids would still be going to school, manufacturing plants would be humming, summer was on the way and we would all climb in our cars and campers and head out on normal vacations.

With all those positives in mind, I made my forecast, although I felt ominous clouds gathering on the horizon.

Basing my forecast on last year's Twins' results, I went all out with my forecast and predicted 102 wins and just 60 losses. That would win them the Central Division and send them into the postseason where I almost predicted a World Series win.

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Growing up on a farm, I should have known not to be overly optimistic. The corn may come out of the ground, but it might not end up in the bin. A healthy cow herd might produce a bunch of healthy calves, but some rare disease might somehow invade the cattle yard and put a dint in whatever dollars might have been gained.

It was always like that. So, I should have made my forecast with a little more caution.

But, the Twins roster was brimming with big swingers. The "Bomba Squad," I believe they were called. They had set a homer record in the past season, and with the addition of another couple of heavy hitters I saw no reason to downgrade the pinstripers this year. The only question mark was the pitching, which at times had been stellar and then at times they couldn't get anybody out.

All was going well in the preseason, and then the silage hit the fan. All at once there was a question of if the season would even be played. As the team returned from its Florida games, decisions were being made about either canceling the entire season or cutting it back drastically.

The latter method was chosen with only 60 games to be played. It felt like the air had been let out of baseball's balloon and in my mind the new normal seemed to be artificial at best.

But, play they did and the Twins did manage to win the Central Division and were headed to the playoffs. That lasted until they hit Houston, which had been predicted to have been a cinch to lose to our boys from Target Center. Not so fast, McGuirk.

Not only did the Twins collapse, they failed to hit, run, pitch and went home dragging their bats behind them. ln some ways, I was happy that my TV network didn't carry the regular season games. If I'd have paid to have them added to my channels - well, I would have asked for a refund.

l picked the Twins to have a 102-win, 60-loss season. They ended up 36 and 24. Actually percentage wise, I didn't do so bad. So I should take some comfort in that.

Maybe next year I'll pass on that spring forecast. Everything is still up in the air and we may not see the completion of the NFL season or any other pro sports season if things don't change. Luckily I don't make predictions about the Vikings. I did predict they would beat the Kansas City Chiefs back in 1969 in the Super Bowl, but came away with a bad attitude about that game that I still carry with me. Good luck, Viking fans!

Next year will come and hopefully we can all return to somewhat of a normal life. The kids will be back in school full time, the manufacturing plants will be humming and we'll all be able to plan a decent vacation.

On second thought, maybe I will come up with another Twins forecast. I've got all winter to think about it.

See you next time. Okay? Be safe!