The political landscape certainly underwent some real seismic shocks since my last column. With the death of Justice Ginsburg, another major area of disagreement and conflict has occurred in the presidential race. I’m not going to rehash what everyone already knows; but I am going to add my perspective on this latest mess.

We are witnessing a fight between two political parties that boils down to one word - power. It’s probably always been a power struggle, but the battle lines have never been clearer and more contentious as they are today. The Democrat Party of the last 30 years has used every means at their disposal to gain and hold on to power. At times, they have also used every means at their disposal to eventually overreach in their actions - and that is when the Republicans win.

On the other hand, when the Republicans win and are in power, they are usually fractured as a party and overly timid in exercising their power. Too often, they are afraid of Democrat criticism (being labeled as racist, bigot, homophobe, sexist, etc.) and always fall short of their potential.

Until the election of 2016. And it took a non-Republican to make it happen.

President Trump has taken many pages from President Obama’s playbook in how he used executive power to overturn or modify many of Obama’s edicts and programs. This has always been to the consternation of the united Democrats in addition to many less-dedicated Republicans who did not welcome a hard-nosed, problem-solving businessman who ignored the niceties of polite political discourse.

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Forget, of course, that polite political discourse has only resulted in a collegial network of senators and representatives who would rather be re-elected than do the right thing for their constituents and the nation all the time.

Let’s face it, the legislative branch is fractured, broken and ineffectual. There is not even a hint of bipartisanship and compromise anywhere, save for a few modest proposals that never see the full light of a vote because of some dictatorial leaders who would rather sink their own ship than let someone else implement a positive program.

I have come to the conclusion that racism will become far less of a problem over time than will the ability of legislators to rise above themselves.

Now, the Democrat Party appears to be ready to go “all in” if they can gain the majorities they need in the November elections to gut the structure and effectiveness of the Supreme Court so they can ensure perpetual power for the party. Isn’t it strange that the party that accuses President Trump of acting like a dictator is seeking the power to actually be totally dictatorial?

We are soon to be treated to hearings on the nomination of the next Supreme Court candidate. Part of these hearings will undoubtedly showcase the problems politicians have in trying to balance the concepts of legality and morality.

When I was young, these two concepts were far closer together than they are today. When legality can override morality, we will no longer be free and what level of democracy we now have will crumble.

The anti-Trump rhetoric spewing from the Democrat Party today is helping to fuel the national unrest, including the rioting and looting. There is no doubt about that. And their continual browbeating of Catholic nominees for judicial positions is unconscionable.

Do the representatives and senators understand they are validating those who are part of the rising tide of anti-Catholicism that is reflected in the number of Catholic churches across the nation that have been vandalized and heavily damaged in the last few months?

Too many politicians and leaders are carrying jealousy and envy to the nth degree in their quest to regain power - power over all of us. Have you listened to the Democrat’s nominee for vice president, who has promised to make Trump supporters pay dearly for their “sins?”

If that’s not telling us how they will abuse power, nothing will.

Well, that’s the way I see it.

P.S. While I did not always agree with Justice Ginsburg, she was an exceptional lady who served this nation well. My prayers go out to her and her family.