In 2016, our president was narrowly elected by a number of varying disgruntled groupings. They had been made to feel neglected and shortchanged by some political person or entity. They felt that their respective voices were unheard.

That was coupled with the Clinton national campaign not comprehending, acknowledging nor responding to the very deep unrest in rural America. Some of the unrest was real and legitimate. Some more was fueled, fired and “Trumped up” by multi-million/billion dollar negative ad campaigns.

Once again, unfettered dumping of unlimited moneys may well influence the more easily persuaded in these next few months.

As of now, Trump has become more of a complainer than a leader. For the first half of the campaign year he has wallowed in loud pronouncements, unreasoned minimizing and unrealistic predictions. He is always blaming others than himself as he continues with his bombastic litany of inconsistent and contradictory actions, speeches, tweets and twitters.

Instead of think first and talk later, Trump has been talk, talk, talk with very little think.

This year, the traditional march of the major political parties to their showcase national conventions has been curtailed by COVID-19. However, through it all, two quite significant and encouraging trends toward Democrats are emerging.

We seniors are taking note of now and are markedly trending toward Democratic preference.

Seniors are the largest grouping of voting age in America and have repeatedly shown the strongest propensity to vote. Seniors are noting and reacting to the threats, actions and attacks of Trump against Social Security, Medicare and our existent health care act upon which so many are dependent.

Another trend is that women who supported Trump in 2016 are reconsidering. Women, who have historically voted wiser than us white males, are trending away from Trump and toward Biden. Suburban women, in particular, started such trend in 2018, and are now creating a strengthened Democratic force.

In this strange and scary year, as all political campaigns are inching toward the finish line, COVID-19 permeates the whole process. It has a drastic effect upon how candidates can present themselves and their issues for voter consideration. All the complexities of government are compounded by the virus, and most directly by the stark status of the virus from day to day.

For this time, and next 100-plus days - go women; go seniors. You can be a huge factor in changing our nation.