Most column writers, as well as all media - print, radio, television, telephone, social or whatever else there is - are largely consumed with the coronavirus, or COVID-19.

You don’t need many more words of non-wisdom on the subject from this old man.

I don’t think I have much more, and certainly no better words, on the all consuming subject than Peter and John wrote last week.

Generally, I have opinions on most everything, but I think that right now a little hiatus of the pen is appropriate.

Most of what might be written in regard to the virus today will probably be untimely or changed by the time you read this on Wednesday or Thursday anyway.

Most “hoaxers” are back tracking. We are all realizing that it can happen here and now.

They say we should write about things we know about. I know even less than most about the coronavirus, or COVID-19. We are already getting enough advice from those who know about the disease, and more than enough from those who don’t.

The one thing that is as timely now as ever, is that we can all look to our God to be our constant refuge, to look up to and to rely upon to guide us through this time of trial.