On Jan. 6, 1941, in his State of the Union address President Franklin D. Roosevelt outlined four freedoms that he believed everyone in the world should enjoy. They were: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving it would seem appropriate to ask ourselves how we as one of the nations on earth are doing in facilitating the achievement of these freedoms.

Practically speaking, we no longer enjoy the level of free speech we did 50-60 years ago. You can see it in primary and secondary schools and colleges and universities throughout the country where political correctness has run amok.

Gender pronouns are being erased in education and in local/state governments. Teachers have been fired for refusing to address students by their self-identified gender. Too many people are demanding unrelenting adherence to this lunacy that is contrary to science.

I think saying “Trump” on campus can incite mass hysteria! A recent quote on Facebook says it all: “I find it interesting that your demand for complete tolerance collides with your intolerance for differing opinions.”

The Constitution speaks to freedom of religion; “worship” has caused some issues because politicians and government functionaries don’t see living one’s faith 24/7/365 as the continuous worship it truly is.

So, we argue about paying for birth control; agencies won’t license Catholic adoption organizations and women’s shelters because they won’t go against their religious beliefs. And the Freedom from Religion organization plays the Grinch across the country with frivolous lawsuits - another example of being unable to win anywhere except the courts.

Freedom from want - President Roosevelt felt that currency disorders, mass unemployment and economic desperation were some of the factors that helped Hitler and Mussolini come to power. In current terms, it likely means that people should not have to wonder where their next meal is coming from or where they are going to find affordable housing, or where they can make enough money to support all the members of a family.

Poverty is a major cause of criminal activity too. The United States has the best economy in years, but the people at the bottom level usually don’t have the education or skills to benefit from that. That’s something we should be working on diligently.

The adults of this country need to grow up and address their fears on an adult level without instilling needless fear in our children. Gender education has caused some children to believe they are going to change from one sex to the other as they grow up. Children can’t sleep at night because they fear climate change is going to kill us all in 20 years. School girls hold their bladder rather than risk encountering a boy-girl in the lavatory. Post-millennial cupcakes don’t see any reason to get married, have children, or work hard to create a future they don’t believe will be there for them.

Folks, they didn’t make this up on their own - it’s because we taught them by our own hysteria.

I’ll leave it to you to analyze this further. In spite of our warts, I believe that God has blessed us all and we should be thankful for living in the United States of America!

Well, that’s the way I see it.