In my previous column I wrote about many of the divisions that exist in our country. I also made reference to some divisions that are negatively affecting our society and country.

Beyond politics, beyond economics and beyond ethnicity and its related issues, there is one that I believe has been hurting us for years - and is getting worse: the wedge between men and women that ultra feminists and their “progressive” supporters want to turn into permanent and irreconcilable divorce.

Now, I’m going to talk a bit about the Bible - New Testament to be precise. When Christ spoke about marriage, he spoke in terms of a (singular) man and a (singular) woman becoming one flesh. He was speaking both physically, spiritually and metaphorically at the same time.

In one perspective, you have a whole man and a whole woman creating a new whole through marriage and their sexual union.

Notwithstanding what the medical community has done and wants to do (far more and much worse in my estimation), you need a man and a woman to procreate. When they do, they start a family. For thousands of years, this has been the Christian model along with many other cultures. The family was and is the basis for further societal organization and development.

Destroy the family and you can destroy the society.

Why do I find it so easy to believe that too many progressives are hell bent on doing just that?

Men and women are equal human beings. Each one has strengths and weaknesses - physically, emotionally and mentally. OK, this last one is really debatable, but I’m not talking about learning capacity or IQ as much as differences in interests and certain career choices. Although as we can see those differences are becoming less and less as years advance.

And neither are men and women enemies or competitors. If we try to convince everyone that men have it easy and women get raw deals having the exclusive jobs of raising the children and keeping the household, we do a great disservice to the many current and historical families that function just fine with men and women filling specific roles.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Many couples find their own balance, creating a solid family and raising children who are successes and great members of society.

However, children learn how to behave as adults by witnessing the behavior of their father and mother. Boys and girls learn how to treat women and men from their parents. If one parent is absent, the one remaining has a really tough job in presenting a complete, accurate, nurturing experience for the children. Some succeed and some don’t.

Anyone who believes the classroom in any school, at any level, can effectively teach young children and teenagers honesty, integrity and morality in the absence of a home life that includes these, just doesn’t get it.

Have you ever thought that perhaps all the government interference in parental rights is a result of the absence of the family? We as a society need to revert back to the model of a nuclear family instead of whatever it is we have today.

That’s the way I see it.