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As I See It: Mother's Day - the day after

It's early Monday morning and life returns to normal. The two to four weeks of hype over what to get and what to do for Mother's Day is now over and it's time to move on to the next reason to have a sale - Memorial Day.

The issue for me is - Easter and Christmas are probably more important than Mother's Day, but Memorial Day and Independence Day and all the other "days" we celebrate fall far behind.

Without mothers, we would not have a functioning society. They are the ones who carry and nourish the unborn in their wombs. They are the ones who have countless aches and pains as the baby grows, sleepless nights as they try to find a comfortable position, and they often endure excruciating pain during childbirth.

Almost all of that is forgotten once the newborn is laid upon her chest.

She then starts a round of nurturing and nourishing the child as it grows, along with however many other children who are already in the family. She is the first and primary educator of what is right or wrong, fair or foul, and sharing and caring. A child's moral and ethical development is in her hands. Love and discipline (born out of her love) are dispensed without limit.

Many of the ultra-feminists who look down on and criticize women who decide to be "just a mother" ignore their own beginnings. Progressives equate motherhood with slavery, proclaiming that a woman could and should be doing so many other (and better) things. If she didn't have children or if she didn't stay at home and turned the children over to day care she could be out earning money.

That is really the crux of the issue - money. It's always all about money. Abortion is first and foremost about money - either for the abortion providers, the politicians who support women in the workplace above life, or the pregnant women themselves who believe they can't afford a child.

We are bombarded with statistics about how much it costs to raise the average child from birth to college - and it's in the hundreds of thousands.

How then, do families of eight, 10 or 12 children manage to provide for all of those while earning and spending far less than that? Could it be that it's not about how much comes in than how what they have is spent?

Isn't one of the worst aspects of our society that it's driven by greed? Advertisers feed your greed and envy; you need a new, fancier car, boat, dress, shoes, TV or phone. Politicians often advocate legalizing immoral things - marijuana, lotteries, internet gambling, sports gambling - in the name of personal "freedom."

But it's really all about the government revenue.

And yet, a mother will take some of the food from her plate and give it to a child who wants more.

And we give this woman one day — while we owe her the world?

Thanks mom, for love and life! RIP along with all the other mothers in heaven.

Well, that's the way I see it - today and every day.