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As I See It: Impeach him!

The accounts of Jesus Christ's Passion in the Bible sure seem to resemble what is going on in the national political arena today. The High Priest tore his garments and asked the crowd, "What further proof do we need, he has blasphemed!" The crowd was moved by activists to ask for blood and to cry out, "Crucify Him; Crucify Him!"

The redacted version of the Mueller Report was provided to the House of Representatives and the immediate reaction was frenetic cries of, "Impeach him; Impeach him." For those who cannot envision it, frenzy is "a state of uncontrolled activity, agitation, or emotion."

That fairly accurately covers the ranting and raving and accusations of cover up directed at Attorney General Barr. Not to mention the pronouncements by so many politicos of certain guilt of obstruction of justice by the president.

Let's set the scene once again. A special counsel is appointed to find out if there was collusion between the president and his campaign with Russia/Russians to help Donald Trump win the 2016 election. The assumption was made by so many experts that collusion was the only possible explanation for Hillary Clinton losing the election.

The evidence didn't bear that out. But there appeared another document of specious origin and pedigree that was presented in legal proceedings as "proof" of collusion. This document was used to support wiretaps and surveillance of individuals.

That was accomplished when members of the investigative team (hand-picked lawyers with tarnished reputations for prosecutorial overreach and misconduct) leaked information to the media that dutifully reported the leaked information as facts and that was used as further proof in seeking legal "spying" authority on American citizens and others.

If this merry-go-round isn't making much sense, ask yourself if this is how we believe the wheels of justice should be operating in our country. And add to this how deeply political actions and motives are making a mockery of "innocent until proven guilty."

At least some of this is the product of the almost comical/tragic antipathy so many people have for President Trump because of his personality, his braggadocio, and his single-minded pursuit of his agenda.

I read a letter in a newspaper last week that claimed President Trump has told more than 7,000 lies, concluding how could we have someone like that as our president. I actually think he knows he's lying or stretching the truth and the facts - but it's more like "your momma wears combat boots," than it is an attempt to deliberately lie or mislead.

Of course, he has never said his healthcare plan will save us $1,500 a year and that we can keep your own doctor too.

At last count I believe we have 21 announced Democrat candidates for president - all believing Trump is so damaged even they can beat him. This field will dwindle as the lightweights fall by the wayside. However, they nearly all appear to be appealing to the party's fringes; and the others seem bland, shrill or uninteresting.

It is shaping up to be an interesting summer, especially if Attorney General Barr's investigation is more fruitful than the Mueller Report.

That's how I see it.