Events and revelations of the past few months are quite disturbing and may lead one to think the federal government is really not doing its job at protecting the American people.

On the international side we seem to be relatively secure. But on the domestic front things aren't quite so rosy.

Example No. 1 is our opioid crisis. Opioids are powerful drugs developed to treat pain over the short term; they were not recommended for long-term use. That warning was prominent in the instructions for using the drug.

Reportedly, under intense lobbying from major drug producers, the Food and Drug Administration removed that caveat from the instructions/restrictions. And in a relatively short time, the country had a major opioid addiction and overdose crisis on its hands.

Example No. 2 is the Boeing 737 MAX. For commercial and marketing reasons, it was important for this new version of the 737 to be viewed as not requiring additional training time for the pilots who are already qualified in the previous versions. And so the lobbying of the Federal Aviation Administration began.

Verdict: No additional training required. Unfortunately for at least 338 passengers and crew members, there turns out to be far more to the story.

I flew several different airplanes in the Air Force during my 27 years of active duty. I'm glad I never flew one that had a flight control system that included a computer that decided what to do with the airplane after I moved the controls. Without being too technical, it appears a flight control system on the new 737 had a single point failure design that should have been there in the first place, but required training for the pilots to recognize and correct.

Looking back, there are some other examples of why we should not trust the people we elect to work for us. Those examples include: the Internal Revenue Service targeting conservative political action committees; the Federal Bureau of Investigation giving Hillary Clinton a "pass" over her mishandling of classified information; the FBI again for its actions prior to and after President Trump was elected.

The most convoluted example has yet to play out as the Department of "Justice's" investigation team led by Robert Mueller, which was supposed to find the rampant collusion between President Trump's election campaign and the Russians, has found none. This team includes more than a few people who were also involved in investigating ENRON, and Sen. Ted Stevens' alleged corruption.

Worthy of note is both of those cases were substantially thrown out or overturned because of prosecutorial misconduct or overreach.

They were not looking for truth; they were looking for blood! Sound familiar? In the final analysis, that's what the current Mueller investigation is all about - for certain it's one political party's motivation.

If we cannot trust the FDA, FAA, FBI, DOJ and our higher levels of the Judiciary due to their politicization, who can we trust?

Well, that's the way I see it.