"Good fences make good neighbors," is an old proverb in many cultures and languages that is quoted twice in a poem by Robert Frost. A modern person would slap himself on the forehead and say, "Well, duh," isn't this common sense?

Since humans started roaming the earth they have likely erected some sort of fence, wall, barrier, hedge, fortification, divider, partition, border, pen, enclosure, roadblock or barricade to delineate a piece of land or a division between "what's mine" and "what's yours."

The dividing line provided physical markings or barriers that sometimes told people to stay out, kept animals out and kept people and/or animals inside.

Just like all the people who are in favor of abortion are themselves alive, many of the powerful political opponents to a physical barrier between the United States and Mexico live inside walled communities or individual properties, sometimes with armed guards for additional security.

In other words, they have a level of security far greater than they are willing to provide the other citizens and visitors in our country.

If a peace officer shoots or kills an immigrant or minority person, it's front-page fodder; if an illegal assaults or kills a police officer, it's very often not reported at all. The free press is often simply a propaganda organ of the Democratic Party.

Make no mistake about it, this fight over the wall has nothing to do with a wall as much as it has to do with the Democratic Party power brokers waiting and hoping that President Trump is removed from office before his term ends so they can regain control of the federal government structure.

But they can't admit that so they rant and rave about the president being a racist, anti-Islam, anti-immigration and any number of totally specious attacks on his personal character - without offering any demonstrable alternative for controlling the influx of illegal immigrants into our country.

And their claim about it being a waste of money is more ludicrous than anything the party of spend, spend and spend some more has ever said.

Frankly, if I were president I would provide buses at the border to take the illegals to all of the self-declared amnesty cities and states until the hosts figured out that wasn't such a smart idea. Of course, the federal government pretty much pays all the bills, so it might not impact the cities and states as it should.

Are you aware that California pays out almost one-third of the total welfare in the country? This sounds broken to me; how about you?

The president has stated this is about security and one piece of that is to control who comes into our country - pure and simple. He is the only president in my memory who refuses to buckle under to the Democrats and their political machine that tries to destroy the reputation of anyone who gets in their way.

Sadly, there are probably millions of reasonable people who support the Democratic Party candidates out of habit, emotion or without a full understanding of the inevitable consequences.

I firmly believe the Democratic Party wants to own all three branches of the federal government and use it to establish their version of a liberal, progressive dictatorship under the guise of a democracy. It's the end of our country if we let that happen.

Well, that's the way I see it.