Humpty Trumpty sat on his grand wall.

Humpty Trumpty had a great fall.

All Trumpty's horses and all of Trumpty's men

couldn't put poor Trumpty together again.

Was it his shutdown of government with no plan to restore?

Did he walk out on his wall too far, and fall too far?

Will the Mueller investigation, and consequences thereof, finally do him in?

Or, will he be able to marshal, or again luck into garnering enough disgruntled groupings within his "great white majority" to eke out another win in November 2020?

Like it or not, the 2020 election season is already gearing up and upon us in January 2019. We're not inundated yet, but that will happen far too soon.

We are already speculating, reading, hearing and seeing the early prepping, postulating, planning, plotting and predicting what might or might not be during the next 22 months.

It is concluded by many that Donald Trump didn't so much win, as that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election. Clinton failed to pick up on the rural dissatisfaction and left out feeling all across the nation. Trump capitalized on appealing to the disgruntled across the same wide spectrum. He gained enough support and vote, from the rural, and religious and radical right, peaking at just the right time to gain a win in November 2016.

I don't believe that he has at anytime, before or since, achieved majority support in America, but he still has a hardcore minority of loyalists, holding tough and supporting whatever he does, whatever the circumstances, and whatever the consequences to all of America.

Trump's armor has certainly been chinked quite a number of times and may be badly cracked now, but to date has not fallen far enough. Will the shutdown be big enough to be his final fall? Will 2020 finally be the year of the woman? Will the Deep South still exist? If so, will it outweigh the Northeast or neutralize the Far West?

How many Republicans will take on Trump and his legions? Will Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio make another run? Is neighboring Scott Walker dead in the water or passe? Will Cruz or Kalish try again, or Lindsey Graham?

On the Democratic side do you think Kamala can transcend nationally, or will Beto take off from Texas? How about Corey or Elizabeth or Biden, or our own Amy?

Who is drawing the biggest crowds in Iowa? What gung-ho volunteers are already going or planning to go to Iowa to knock on doors for their favorite? Who is leading in the earliest polls and are they advanced by credible or biased pollsters?

Is it any wonder that most folks get tired of political skirmishing before it really even begins? Only a few of us junkies thrive on it all, or at all. Nevertheless, the serious candidates know too well that they have to start yesterday if they are going to have much chance of succeeding in a nationwide election.

So, have fun or get bored, tune in or tune out, or a little of both. But please absorb enough along the way to become an informed and knowledgeable voter in November 2020.