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Vogt's Notes: Community newspaper is your information source

Wow. What a difference a week or two makes.

Diehard Opinion page readers noticed the influx of letters to the editor in the Echo Journal the past few weeks, the vast majority of which endorsed local political candidates for various offices.

We had letters expressing support for specific city council and mayoral candidates in Pequot Lakes, Crosslake and Lake Shore, as well as identified Pequot Lakes School Board contenders.

We had letter writers urging people to vote for specific county commissioners and especially for sheriff in Crow Wing County. We published letters endorsing candidates for the state House of Representatives seats and for the Eighth Congressional District U.S. House seat.

Last week, we published 35 letters to the editor.

This week, we have just one letter, and it has nothing to do with politics.

I want to thank all those writers who submitted letters leading up to the Tuesday, Nov. 6, election for two reasons.

First, thank you for taking the time to sit down, write your thoughts and send the letter to us. I'm happy you consider your community newspaper a viable way to reach others with your opinions.

Second, thank you for adhering to our policy that limits candidate endorsement letters to 150 words or less (non-endorsement letters to the editor can be up to 300 words). The majority of endorsement letters we received followed the policy; when I sent back letters that were too long, the writers were understanding, trimmed and resubmitted them.

(I also must thank today's technology, which offers a word count option at a click on the computer. I do remember the days of counting words by hand - an exhausting task.)

The Echo Journal offered a Voters Guide with information about candidates in local races important to our communities, and we covered several candidate forums to share information to help our readers make informed voting decisions.

We hope everyone cast their votes Tuesday. As I write this column I don't yet know the outcomes of Tuesday's election, but you should find local race results on pages in this issue. Please know we worked late into the night to get as many local results as possible by deadline.

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