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As I See It: Let's think about immigration

Suppose next Tuesday evening about suppertime as you are sitting down to eat, there's a knock on the door. You go to the door wondering who it might be, and when you open it a man, woman and three children and some meager belongings sort of push their way into your house.

As you try to stop them, they tell you they just got into town. They have driven here from another state and their car broke down in front of your house. Making their way to the living room they spy the food on the table in the dining room and the children just rush over and begin eating ravenously.

You tell the parents they are trespassing and you order them out of the house. That doesn't get any reaction at all so you call 911. The dispatcher asks if they have done anything other than barge into your house. You admit all they've done is eat your dinner. The dispatcher agrees with you that stealing food is a crime and so is the trespassing, but they are likely hungry and need a place to stay.

Besides, the city leaders have decided trespassing and other minor things will no longer be prosecuted in this now "sanctuary" city. You ask so what can be done, and the dispatcher replies, "Nothing."

Now, transpose this scenario into the realm of illegal immigration and tell me what the essential differences are - if you can.

Every U.S. president and candidate in recent memory has had something to say about fixing the problems surrounding illegal immigration. The law that allowed the government to separate children from their parents was passed because Congress thought it would be a deterrent. (Congress and the whole government doesn't understand the "law" of unintended consequences.)

It wasn't a deterrent. Illegals doubled down and started sending their children alone. What if it were only children who showed up at your door with a similar story?

President Lincoln observed that the way to get rid of a bad law was to enforce it. This is a bad law, but the government is perhaps enforcing the law as a way to get Congress to do something meaningful on immigration.

Unfortunately, we are witnessing another media-manufactured crisis that includes making the president look like a combination of the Grinch, the Anti-Christ, Boris Badenov, Genghis Khan, the Joker, Adolf Hitler, Stalin and Chairman Mao. Perhaps the media needs to put a location-date-time stamp on every photo and video they show, print or broadcast along with a source for all the statistics they eagerly and breathlessly report.

Maybe then we'd get some truthful, factual reporting instead of things designed to inflame the emotions rather than inform the intellect. If you have a lock on your front door, maybe your nation should have one too. You have a right to know who is in your house and your country.

I'm not the biggest fan of the president. He can be rude, crude, insensitive and sometimes boorish. However, he is also a problem solver and he is not one to let decorum and niceties stand in his way of getting things done that need to be done.

That is why he was elected. Business as usual got us to where we were in 2016. Maybe eight years of Donald Trump are necessary to get some things back on track.

That's the way I see it.