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Mayor's Notebook: City staff stays busy in the summer

It's Sunday night, June 17, and Jerry is talking to son Justin who is calling in from Yakima, Washington, to wish him a Happy Father's Day. I'm halfway listening to the conversation when I remember - I've got to write my article due on Monday, and what am I going to write about?

Well, one thing I think we can all agree on is "summer has arrived." We see more traffic on the roads, people walking and biking, campground is full, restaurants and bars are busy, road construction is happening, the school continues to completion for the fall, and the flowers on the bridge are a welcome addition for our visitors and guests alike.

And that is what is visible!

Crosslake City Hall is equally busy. As many of you know, Jon Henke, the parks and rec director, has left us for another opportunity, so over the next four to six weeks we will be looking for a new director.

The Crosslake Community Center plays an integral part in the daily lives of our residents and guests, both young and old, so whomever the new director will be, they will need the vision, experience and energy to continue to expand the programs and activities that we have come to expect in our community. We will be hiring a park maintenance person as well to help keep our center in ship-shape condition.

In other areas, upgrades and maintenance continue on time at the sewer plant. And, the sewer/septic task force will study opportunities for future expansions and alternatives for private septic systems that will better serve our community and its needs.

Continuing with infrastructure, Manhattan Point Boulevard is nearing completion (keep up to date on the city website), the expanded driveway and parking lot looks great at city hall, while other road projects are underway, and public works continues to keep our city neatly trimmed and mowed.

And, as much as we too are enjoying the beautiful summer, your council and staff will begin the task of preparing the 2019 budget. Our responsibility to taxpayers remains the same: to be aware of who pays the bills while at the same time keeping Crosslake safe and secure, supporting a solid infrastructure, providing needed staff and preparing for future changes and opportunities.

This year the council has the newly updated city comprehensive plan to act as a guide and help set priorities for the city as well as direct the planning for the years ahead. While not everything can be a priority, the plan lays out a vision for the future of Crosslake. View it on the city website.

Summer is to be enjoyed, especially here in beautiful Crosslake where it is especially green and lush right now. So you'll notice this might be a bit shorter than my past columns, and right now I'm going outside to work in my garden and maybe later in the day, enjoy a pontoon ride with Jerry.

This column reflects my personal perspectives and opinions and does not necessarily speak for the council as a whole. If you have questions or concerns with anything said here, stop at city hall from 12:30-4:30 p.m. Wednesdays for a cup of coffee or just to chat.