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Vogt's Notes: Brainerd School District residents: Be informed voters

Every resident of the Brainerd School District - that includes most families in the Nisswa and Lake Shore areas - listen up.

You have a school bond referendum vote coming up Tuesday, April 10. You should go to the polls that day to make an informed choice on whether the school district should issue bonds to pay for improvements to all of the district's school buildings.

Notice I said you should make an "informed" choice. There is no reason any voter in the school district shouldn't understand what the $145.71 million referendum is all about because school district leaders have done a stellar job getting the word out about the school facilities improvement plan that totals $205 million in all.

No doubt, that's a lot of money. Regardless of how you vote, take the time to understand the plan and the ballot questions. And do your civic duty and cast your ballot Tuesday.

Just be sure you are making an informed vote.

The Echo Journal has reported on at least four community meetings held in Nisswa. The first two sought feedback for what to include in the school facilities plan. The next two explained the ballot questions, what the money would fund, and what other funds would be used.

School district leaders have done their best to gain community feedback and to reach as many school district residents as possible to answer questions and explain everything. I think you'd be surprised to learn just how many community information meetings they've held across the entire school district for groups both tiny and large.

A summary of bond referendum information is on page A1 of this issue of the Echo Journal. A sample ballot on page A9 lists the three questions as well as polling places.

If you're a bit late to the game but want to learn more, or even if you think you know it all, I encourage you to do a quick internet search for "" You'll find all the information you need to make an informed vote.

You can even plug in your home or business estimated property market value (we just received tax statements in the mail last weekend where you'll find your property's valuation) to find your tax impact should all three questions pass. It takes less than 3 seconds to do this.

Again, go to the polls Tuesday, but be sure you have all the information you need first to make an informed vote.