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As I See It: Life and death

Several weeks ago, there was another school shooting that took the lives of 17 youngsters and affected the lives of countless others.

Since that time we have witnessed many protests - some spontaneous and some contrived. Individuals and groups all over the country are calling for limits on who can buy or possess "weapons of war," automatic weapons, semi-automatic weapons, large capacity magazines, bump stocks, ammunition and many other weapons-associate equipment.

Salivating democrat politicians are probably praying for a repeal of the Second Amendment to the Constitution, so they can pass legislation to ban guns entirely.

In the interim since this Florida shooting, hundreds of late-term abortions have likely been performed, and dozens of teenagers and others have probably been killed in automobile accidents caused by drunk drivers, drivers under the influence of legal and illegal drugs and substances, and distracted drivers texting or talking on cell phones, reading books, newspapers, magazines or printed ads, typing on their GPS or changing a radio station. Still others have died or nearly died from drug overdoses.

Where is the outrage over all these other deaths that certainly outnumber total school shootings? Where is the media coverage about these other situations? With the exception of local papers they are probably found as mere fillers with small headlines buried somewhere in a corner of Section A or B.

When the media takes up a cause instead of simply reporting on a cause, they have crossed a line that is fraught with danger. Sometimes the causes they support are just and moral - as in civil rights, the plight of the poor or government corruption. However when their news coverage is decidedly one-sided or obviously in favor of one political party or individual, or against specific religions, or in favor of abortion, or ... ad nauseum - they become deliberate or unwitting propaganda organs and make a mockery of the free speech protections they espouse.

Nearly all news organizations claim they are "fair and balanced" and that any apparent bias is explainable within the content of the news itself and not of their making.

In the aftermath of the last shooting, they announced there have been 18 school shootings already in 2018, but they never really told us what all of those were - including a number of accidental weapon discharges that injured nobody and other non-threatening situations. Those facts didn't fit the popular narrative.

Additionally, over-the-top, non-stop media coverage encourages copycats and other disgruntled people who don't care what they have to do to get their 15 minutes of fame or shame.

I truly grieve for the families of all the children who were killed and wounded in these shootings across the country. I also truly fear what many politicians may do to our gun laws and honest citizens' legitimate self-defense rights in their knee-jerk reaction to the clamoring for action from individuals and groups.

Liberal progressives have been using laws and the courts for years to bludgeon those who disagree with their agenda. Death is an inevitable conclusion of our lives. I just hope the death of our freedom and democratic way of life doesn't follow.

That's the way I see it.