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As I See It: We all need a grip ... on ourselves

When Bill Clinton was running for president, many accusations and rumors surfaced about his sexual escapades, including at least one accusation of rape. Thanks to a sycophantic media, an apologist political party and Hillary Clinton supported by James Carville, the "bimbo eruptions" were handled and Bill was treated to a wink and a nod on his way to and during his presidency.

Even the Monica Lewinsky scandal didn't leave a permanent stain on his reputation with a lot of Americans, although we sure know about the dress.

Do you realize that anyone younger than 25 probably doesn't even know about any of this? Which brings us to this decade.

A few years ago many allegations emerged about Bill Cosby's alleged predatory activity, one of which went to trial. Now there has been a firestorm of accusations against members of the press, television reporters and commentators, politicians, Hollywood producers, directors and many others. Many of these have led to firings, resignations and ruined reputations and probably marriages.

In one vein, we are repeating the Salem Witch Trials with almost an equal amount of hysteria; but at least the hangings are only virtual. We haven't learned much since the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings and the accusations by Anita Hill. Does anyone remember those?

For the record, I am certain something happened between the two of them, but we don't know if it should have derailed his Supreme Court approval. In today's climate it certainly would.

There is an unprecedented amount of anger and hatred in our society today. I don't believe it is caused by President Trump as far as too many non-thinkers contend, but he certainly appears to be the unintended catalyst.

I remember when twitter was chatter or giggling in an overexcited way. Now, it's another social media conduit that escapes my interest. I wish it escaped his too. But I have a feeling the president uses it to keep all of his critics totally wrapped up criticizing his latest tweet.

It doesn't take a genius to notice Democrats and the media salivating over every new tidbit of information or nuanced leak from Special Council Mueller's investigation. Each one is treated as the final nail in the coffin, the smoking gun, or the tip of the iceberg that will sink Trump's ship of state.

It may happen; it may not. But, the investigation has certainly been damaged by the revelations of the prejudices of some of the investigators - of course democratic apologists have circled the "it doesn't matter" wagons.

An analysis of recent media coverage found that 91 percent of their coverage of President Trump was negative. And yet, he still retains the support of his core, nearly all of whom believe that the media and their unvarnished support of all liberal causes and politicians are responsible for many of our government and social ills.

P.S., I happen to share that belief in case you were wondering.

Getting back to where I started. I don't know if Sen. Franken should have resigned or not. I really didn't like his acid, acerbic humor as a comedian and I thought his nomination in Minnesota was ludicrous and his election still raises questions.

I believe his resignation was coerced by his own party, which is now regretting that. One photo is what did him in. But, this also shows we are often too quick to make a final judgment - in my opinion.

I have seen, and had to deal with, too many "he said; she said" situations that also involved jealousy, envy, money, property, amorous rejection, prejudice, anger and other motivators that made determining the truth difficult, if not impossible. Admittedly, when the number of accusers continues to mount though, the pattern of behavior seems evident.

Still, most of this will work its way out over time if we just calm down and see where the dust settles. If we don't, the nightly news, the cable news channels and the print media will continue to contain tabloid-like sensationalism instead of news.

Of course, if men and women treated each other with respect, that would help.

Sure is something to think about if we want to have a Happy New Year.

That's the way I see it.