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Santa has helpers at Pine River-Backus Family Center

As the song says, "He's making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out who's naughty or nice ..."

Not only is Santa watching but we are too. Because you care, the Pine River Area Food Shelf has been able to serve 1,700 households (year to date). Yes, many are repeat clients who continue to struggle. Because of their dedication, volunteers have worked (year to date) 2,580 hours. Local businesses and residents have given 32,537 pounds of food/toiletries/staple items to the food shelf. And we have another month to go.

Through my direct communication to the Big Guy up North, he assures me that these people are automatically added to the Nice List! They have made a difference in the lives of 4,216 people to date.

The Pine River-Backus Family Center is extremely fortunate to have a staff of professionals who are here because they want to make a difference in the lives of struggling families in our community. The family center also is a resource center if you want information on any of the "help" programs in our county and region.

Karen is a certified MnSure Navigator for your insurance needs. Alex helps young mothers-to-be and their families. John leads a program of prevention for alcohol and drugs with our teen population. Jodi is program manager for the food shelf.

Do you need copies, to fax, use a computer? We will help. The coffee pot is always on, so drop by to learn more about what your giving dollars to for the family center.

This work not only strengthens families but also in turn helps strengthen our community. Minnesota Nice is alive and well in our hometowns. Questions? Call 218-587-4292.