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Letter to the editor: Public safety vs. adult rights

The letter by Alexis Bylander the week of Oct. 12 about raising the smoking age to 21 is a mixture of myths and fallacies orchestrated by liberals.

If I can vote, enlist in the military and be tried as an adult, I can decide for myself if I'd like to have a cigarette. Upon becoming a legal adult, you become responsible for your own life. You can live on your own, support yourself, join the military and vote for the president.

At this age, you're old enough to make your own decisions. It's called personal responsibility, and it's not about public safety. Public safety is about ensuring one citizen doesn't endanger the life of another citizen.

As for the "facts" stated in her letter, they are about as concise as the facts behind global warming - non-existent. Letting the government mandate more and more rules by needless legislation needs to stop somewhere. If you are an adult, the government needs to treat you like one. That includes making these choices on your own.

Eighteen-year-olds have the right to vote. They're old enough to make an informed decision. You can kill for your country; you can die for your country. You can vote for the crook of your choice, get married, have a mortgage, buy a car, have children, pay taxes and run for political office.

At the age of 18, are you an adult or are you not? Or is it only when it's convenient for the government? It seems our politicians just have to keep trying to regulate social behavior, and all they really do is find more ways to make people criminals.

Pastor Dale A.P. Anderson,