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Letter to the editor: Trapping Republicans

Many people are now saying that Putin's Russia is close to releasing blackmail material they have on Mr. Trump. They say Putin helped get Trump into office in exchange for Trump relieving congressional sanctions on Russia over Ukraine.

But Congress passed a resolution, almost unanimously, preventing Trump from doing that, a resolution with so much bipartisan support Trump had to quietly sign it - and without a big fanfare "signing ceremony" and giving away of pens.

So now Trump is of little use to Putin. However, Trump's still balking at enforcing the sanctions, so Sen. McCain (R), the senator Trump belittled for being captured and held prisoner in Vietnam for years, and Sen. Cardin (D) are pressing Trump on the issue.

I was deer hunting as a teen and came across a weasel who had climbed a bush over a rabbit's trail to pounce on the rabbit. But the weasel slipped in such a way his neck was caught in the "y" of the branch, and he couldn't free himself. I found him frozen to death, caught in his own trap.

That's much like the Republicans and Donald Trump over the (alleged) election fraud. When he was campaigning, Trump kept warning us there'd be fraud in this election, and everyone assumed he was accusing Hillary Clinton.

It turns out Mr. Trump had it right; there was fraud, but not Hillary.

I found it's difficult to show a Republican anything. They're like a dog when you point at something you want them to see. Instead of looking where you're pointing, they stare at your finger.

A. Martin,