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Vogt's Notes: Proud to publish real news all the time

It seems the last quarter of 2017 marks several milestones for me. I recently celebrated 25 years of marriage, followed by 25 years of living in the Brainerd lakes area, followed by 25 years of working for the same company, soon-to-be followed by living in the same house for 25 years.


Those years have been chock-full of changes, and ups and downs, and everything in between in both my professional and personal life. The constants, of course: the same husband, the same home and, remarkably, the same profession.

I suppose I never imagined I'd be where I am right now when I walked into the Brainerd Dispatch newsroom for my first day on the job as a reporter on Oct. 1, 1992. Many years and many titles later, I became editor of the Lake Country Echo - now the Echo Journal - which by then was owned by the same company that owned the Dispatch. That explains the 25 years of working for (roughly) the same company.

I could fill the remaining pages of this newspaper with stories of all the changes I've seen in my profession in the past quarter century. Newspapers have always had their critics, and that continues today with accusations of news outlets producing "fake news."

Since my college days, I've worked for five newspapers in my career. I'm proud of all of those publications as well as my work at each. The simple goal of all is to publish news that is important to its readers - real news written by real journalists and presented objectively and without bias.

Everyone sees bias differently, but I stand behind these publications' authenticity. I'm proud to have worked for each of them.

These thoughts hit home with the theme of National Newspaper Week, being celebrated this week, Oct. 1-7. That theme is "Real Newspapers ... Real News!"

This year marks the 77th anniversary of National Newspaper Week, where we celebrate and emphasize the impact of newspapers to communities both large and small. Unlike the olden days when people's only source of news was a printed newspaper, today we compete with so many other news outlets and non-news outlets, thanks to the worldwide web.

I encourage you always to consider, though, which of these outlets truly provide "real" news.

I've always been, and always will be, proud that my weekly newspaper is the area's leading provider of real news - in print and online. My team covers city council and school board meetings, community events and other happenings from Nisswa to Hackensack, Pequot Lakes to Crosslake. We publish area businesses' ads and local governments' legal notices. We rely on the community to help us fill the gaps and appreciate all the news submissions we receive.

At just $30 a year for a subscription to our weekly newspaper, you can't argue that it's a bargain.

Help us celebrate National Newspaper Week by continuing to read, buy and advertise in the Echo Journal. We promise to keep bringing you real news.