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Letter to the editor: For everything bad, thank a Republican

March 13: the East Coast is getting blasted again by another blizzard. One after another.

Minnesota, snow country, has bare ground.

Imagine: Your husband-wife-son-friend is drunk as a skunk. Again! How many times do they have to be drunk before you admit they're alcoholic and need intervention?

Likewise, how many "once-in-a-thousand-years" weather disasters must hit you in the face, hit all of us in just one decade, before you admit we're experiencing man-made climate damage? Minnesota homeowner insurance costs are skyrocketing.

Republican leaders have given us one harmful decision after another. They're immoral, listening to corporations (wealthy) to get their "morals," then hiding behind the Bible, blaming it all on God, whatever that is. (None of them provide satisfactory definitions of "god.")

Republicans gave us climate change denial. Republicans gave us the war crime of Iraq. Republicans, asleep and in denial, led to 9-11. Republicans gave us a bonus war crime of Afghanistan. Republicans gave us cops out of control everywhere. Republicans gave us the economic Great Recession. Republicans gave us the war criminal reputation as torturers in Abu Ghraib and dozens of other places. Republicans gave us "gitmo:" Guantanamo Prison and torture facility. Republicans defend Saudi Arabia in exchange for oil, even though 15 of 19 9-11 hijackers were Saudi!

What have Democrats given us? ObamaCare/Affordable Care Act after 100 years of Republican obstruction. Eight years of the cleanest government of my lifetime. In Minnesota, a balanced budget and restored education funding after more than eight Republican years of a continuing $4.5 billion deficit and cutting education funding.

(Democrats couldn't give us a "foreign-born president," however!)

Republicans gave us Trump, a four-letter word.

"Trump-Care?" Does Trump actually care? If you thought that, you were weak-minded. If you still think Trump cares, that's a serious case of insanity.

A. Martin,