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As I See It: Christianity, a dangerous religion

Some history again this week; I'm not certain if this will be a long-term trend.

Somewhere around 2,000-plus years ago, Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem of Judea. Most Christians believe he is the Son of God, one of the three persons of the Trinity, and truly God and truly human. Christianity is based on his life, teachings and preaching.

Theology aside for today, Jesus' popularity as a healer and his "radical" preaching at that time about a new covenant was interpreted as a clear and present danger to the power and prestige of the religious ruling class of the time. Those Jewish rulers incited the people gathered for Passover to demand Jesus' death and successfully coerced the Roman ruler, Pontius Pilate, to order Christ's crucifixion.

I see more parallels between the actions that took place nearly two millennia ago and how Christianity is seen today in an ever-increasing secular world - especially as evidenced in the United States. Progressive liberal secularism has taken hold of our society in the educational system and the government to the point that it seeks to overpower any vestiges of religion and morality (or even common sense) in our society.

This secularism stands in direct contrast to the points made by two presidents in the following paragraph. No wonder there are many people who claim the Constitution is no longer relevant to our government today.

While we no longer physically crucify people in our modern society, it certainly seems as though we do a very good job of verbal crucifixion by attempting to or actually destroying the reputations of people with whom we disagree on any number of subjects, including religion and morality. At this point, I'm going to look back to one of our founding fathers, John Adams, for these words: "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." Another president, Andrew Jackson, later observed, "The Bible is the rock on which this republic rests."

Whether we will admit it or not, each one of us has the sense of a certain level of innate morality. We know it's not right to lie, cheat or steal on top of the many other things we can do wrong. But what is wrong often appears in an attractive package. Even Eve saw the fruit in the garden as pleasing to the eye and good to eat - tempting, if you will.

So when "wrong" gets in the way of "want" we often rationalize and see the "want" as a "right." The crux of Christianity is not that you never give in to the "want." It is that if you give in, you come to realize that as wrong and actively try not to do it again, and again, and again - as we so often do.

But, we have learned to politicize everything today. Christianity stands - or should stand - directly in the path of those who support gay marriage, abortion on demand, legalized marijuana, mandatory indoctrination in alternate lifestyles, and so many other things that are wrong under our innate sense of the natural law, even though many have convinced themselves and others that they are not just right, but a right that must be protected by secular laws.

Whenever and wherever Christians and others are successful in promoting morality or blocking these secular laws, they become clear and present dangers to the liberal secular progressives of our society who will move mountains to blunt their actions. That's why Christians are seen as dangerous. That is why Christians must redouble their efforts to showcase to all the loving models of Christian life and love and the joy of living in the light.

The birth, crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ were and are the ultimate representations of God's love and the singular act of sacrifice that atones for all the sins of all humanity and provides a path to eternal salvation and happiness for every person's soul.

The birth of Jesus is celebrated as the beginning of the life that culminated in the triumph of the cross. That is why Christmas is sacred and that is why we will always wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

God is with us; you just have to look for Him.

That's the way I see it.