Trump supporter here. In response to a letter to the editor May 23 titled "What would it take?" - here is a simple answer.

Clinton chased anyone in skirts. He and his wife were involved in scandal after scandal. Does the Whitewater land deal ring a bell? Impeachments? Loss of law license?

Your next president wanted to change America and nearly ruined it: Fast and Furious gun running, IRS scandal, Iran nuclear deal, Obamacare, censorship of news correspondence (Fox).

Your now Socialist Democratic Party wants open borders with us paying higher taxes to support illegals with our jobs, our schools, our hospitals, food stamps and housing while there are Americans who can use that help.

You want to do away with fossil fuels and airplanes and cows. You want to have abortion on demand even if the baby is in the birth canal. If he/she is born alive, your party wants to make the baby comfortable until death comes.

Your party wants to do away with the Electoral College. You prefer a few liberal states decide what is best for all the states. I could go on for pages about this letter. You are bothered by President Trump's lack of military service. Did President Clinton being a draft dodger bother you? Did the fact that Obama never served then nearly destroyed our military with his policies bother you?

I served 20-plus years on active duty. I know who has helped the military the most. As long as Trump continues to stop and undo all the harm that's been done to this great country since the '60s, I will support him and anyone like him regardless of their personal faults.

Robert Stephan,

Pequot Lakes