It is with great distress that I heard that all of the variances for the Driftwood Resort redevelopment are moving forward.

It is beyond my understanding that that was the outcome. Why are there ordinances? Why are there laws? Are they not to protect the lakes so that all can enjoy a clean, healthy lake into the future?

To put 22 two-story buildings on a 7-acre plot with all of the traffic, boat slips, increased boat traffic, sanitation needs, and then to allow variances for setbacks as if this were a resort from the 1960s, or before, is ludicrous. Twenty-five-foot setbacks were disallowed years ago for good reasons.

My husband and I have had family on this lake for 55 years. We recently built a home on a narrow slip of land on Lower Hay and conformed to all of the rules and regulations, not asking for any variances. We planned our home within the guidelines that exist.

We would have loved to have been closer to the lake and had more flexibility with our blueprints. We thought it was important to follow the laws for the greater good. All I ask is that the county follow the laws and ordinances as they were passed. As I stated earlier, why do these ordinances exist otherwise?

Development must adhere to the laws for the greater good and to keep our lakes and lakeshore clean and free from overdevelopment.

Julie Zimmerman,

Pine River

(Editor's note: The Crow Wing County Board of Commissioners denied a request for a land use map amendment involving 7.3 acres that would allow the redevelopment of the former resort at its Tuesday, May 28, board meeting. )