Well, friends and neighbors,

I am leaving the library proper, but I won't desert you just yet. My retirement from the premises doesn't mean I will stop my word butchering efforts. For as long as I can write, I certainly will.

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I am promised that I will also be making special appearances at the library, which has been my home for 16 or more years. Our new branch manager, Tami Beto, will be coming to us from Wells Public Library in southern Minnesota the beginning of December, and I will be going home with Muriel, who has been taking care of me since the beginning.

Special thanks to Don Corbin for feeding me his lunch that fateful day all those years ago when I first came to the library back door, cold and hungry. Tuna fish! It is still my favorite.

In days gone by there was always a cat in a library to protect the books from rats and mice. These days this problem no longer exists. Therefore, I will not be replaced at the Pine River Public Library. I seriously doubt I can be replaced anyway. My love to all of you, especially the children whose undying attention has kept me young.

Of course, now that I am leaving there will be a double event at the library involving food. Dec. 8, a mere week after I am gone, will be both the Cupcake Wars and the bake sale. If you wish to participate in either of these events, contact the library at 218-587-4639 or stop in. Whether you decide to bake or just want to go home with something good to eat, join our library friends on that day.

Enjoy your winter. Stay warm and grab a good book.

I remain,

Browser, the library cat retired