Read Matt Doll's post on the Minnesota Environmental Partnership website detailing lobbying efforts of Enbridge Energy.

I'm stunned by the quoted $5.34 million Enbridge spent to buy influence. This corporate bribery and greed circumvents property owners, Minnesotans and our due process. I can't sit idly by. Everyone from the press, the PUC, the governor and county commissioners must do all they can to stop this horrendous action and environmental crime.

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It's bad for the economy. Renewables are the fastest growing, cleanest segment of energy, where Minnesota is a leader. The world and Detroit are hyper-focused on hybrid and electric vehicles and technology. Even Stihl has an all-electric chainsaw I see showcased at local hardware stores.

Can you imagine not having trouble starting your chainsaw? The same with Minnesota's TORO - their new snow throwers and mowers are powered by clean, renewable energy.

It's bad for the environment. Despite assurances, these companies ruin our most precious and irreplaceable resource, and spills occur without accountability. It's not a question of if, but of when. And when it affects our natural resources and lakes, it'll decimate our tourist trade. We'll lose our businesses, residents and tax base.

The AP reported on the spill last November in South Dakota on the new Keystone-XL pipeline. It was initially reported to be a 200,000-gallon spill but now has been determined to be over 400,000 gallons!

This spill occurred on pristine prairie and is a travesty. Imagine the impact of such a spill in our lakes and streams in Crow Wing County! It would decimate our economy, scarring the land and waters for decades.

My family and I are third-generation property owners in CWC. We aren't just owners and taxpayers, we're stewards. The Minnesota PUC must see this is bad for everyone except Enbridge.

Andrew Bell,

Fifty Lakes