District 9 - Brainerd area

CO Jim Guida (Brainerd East) worked sport fishing and big-game enforcement this week. He was assisted by a neighboring CO with some angling checks. An overlimit of walleyes was detected where an angler had 23 walleyes in his possession, or 17 over the limit. A field contact with a deer hunter resulted in a lend/borrow license case. The hunter was using his girlfriend’s license while she wasn’t afield in an attempt to take another buck. Hunter-harassment and trespassing calls were investigated. Baiting complaints investigated resulted in seized rifles and heavy fines.

CO Amber Ladd (Aitkin) spent the majority of the week working deer-hunting activity. Several trespass issues were handled and many questions were fielded. Ladd also was surprised by the variety of activity with the mild weather, and checked some waterfowl hunters and anglers as well.

CO Chelsey Best (Pequot Lakes) worked mainly deer-hunting and ATV activity this past week. Enforcement action was taken for ATV use during restricted hours and on closed trails, hunting deer over bait, attempting to take deer overlimit, failure to validate and/or register, firearms/ammo restrictions during deer season, transport loaded firearms and drug/paraphernalia possession.

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CO Nate Benkofske (McGregor) reports checking deer hunters in the area. Enforcement action was taken for unlawful party hunting, transporting loaded firearms, hunting over bait, and trespass. A pair of lost dogs were also returned to their owner.

CO Eric Sullivan (Brainerd) is investigating a large buck that was illegally shot in the city limits of Baxter. The animal’s antlers were removed and the remaining portion of the deer was left. The incident occurred on Clearwater Road. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Turn in Poachers hotlines. Rewards are offered. Other enforcement activities included hunting with the aid of bait, transporting loaded firearms, lending and borrowing licenses and taking big game without a license.

CO Andrew Dirks (CCSRA) spent time working the firearms deer season. Hunters were excited about the snow that pushed through the area, allowing better visibility in the woods. A reminder that the Segamore Unit remains closed to hunters due to active construction in the unit. Enforcement action for the week included hunting over bait, failure to register deer as required, and various park violations.

CO Tony Flerlage (Crosby) worked the second week of the firearms deer season. The repeated report from hunters is that few deer were shot. Many hunters said they felt lucky to see a deer. The cooler weather and snow helped brighten the mood over the opening weekend warmth.

Pine River – vacant.

Cross Lake – vacant.