A section of snowmobile trail near Grace United Methodist Church in Pequot Lakes was recently closed due to a change in land ownership along the trail. Contrary to some local suspicions, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is not involved with the closure.

The Pequot Brush Pilots and Gull Lake Drifters snowmobile clubs are working to find an agreeable alternate route after a section of land along the trail recently changed owners. The new owners did not want snowmobiles crossing their property. The clubs are working to negotiate agreements with nearby property owners.

"We did have to close that section of trail system because of a landowner that bought the piece of land. We have not been able to get permission from other landowners yet to reroute this system," said Randy Avenson, president of the Gull Lake Drifters Snowmobile Club. "We are still working on it. Hopefully we can get it corrected by next year. As far as this season, as far as I know, that section of trail will be closed."

The trail is part of the Pequot Lakes Brush Pilots club trails, but the Drifters do the maintenance on the system because that club has a groomer. It is possible that even if a new route is chosen this winter, there may be brush and obstruction removal before it can be groomed for snowmobile use.

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