CO (Conservation Officer) Amber Ladd (McGregor) worked duck hunters, as well as small-game and ATV enforcement. Ladd continued to train with COC Bechel. They taught a firearms safety field day in preparation for the youth deer season. Ladd and Bechel had contact with an ATV operator who traveled on the snowmobile trail in the state forest. Upon seeing the officers, the operator threw his open beer can hoping to avoid a citation. Enforcement action was taken, but the operator avoided a littering citation as officers allowed him to pick up the can.

CO Jim Guida (Brainerd) patrolled lakes and trails for outdoor activity this past week. Some hunters were checked with migratory waterfowl and other small game. Guida received complaints of hunting deer over bait and trespassing. A large fire was investigated and it was determined that the permittee had not activated his permit. The large fire would have required a variance. DNR Forestry and the Brainerd Fire Department helped extinguished the blaze.

CO Bob Mlynar (Aikin) worked angling, grouse hunting, shining and ATV activity. Assistance was given to the sheriff’s office with an ATV accident.

CO Patrick McGowan (Pine River) worked waterfowl hunters and anglers throughout the past week. McGowan also fielded numerous questions regarding the upcoming deer season.

CO Tony Flerlage (Crosby) worked a detail in the metro over the past week. He also issued a permit for a road-killed deer and took a complaint of hunters baiting deer and using attractants for deer. A few duck and grouse hunters were checked, but not a lot of birds were found. Flerlage assisted with a call of lost hunters and talked to ATV riders on trails and roads.

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CO Chelsey Best (Crosslake) worked duck, grouse and deer hunters during the past week. She also patrolled fall ATV activity. Shoreline alteration complaints were investigated and documented. Best also began two baiting investigations.

CO Scott Fitzgerald (CCSRA) reports checking small- and big-game hunters throughout the past week and weekend. He also attended Division training an assisted an agency on a call for service. Assistance was given to neighboring officers on a work crew and some fall fishing activity was monitored. Time was spent checking the SRA for vehicle permits and illegal activity. Enforcement action for the week included big-game violations.

CO Eric Sullivan (Pequot Lakes) worked ATV activity in the Foothills State Forest. Sullivan also worked deer-hunting activity and assisted with lost hunters. Fall anglers are reporting good fishing as water temperatures fall.