I am so thankful for all the films available in theaters, online or on DVD that are proclaiming the truth about the abortion industry and are taking a strong stand for preservation of life.

The old one online is called "The Silent Scream." "Gosnell" is available on DVD, and if "Unplanned" isn't still in theaters we should be able to get that on DVD fairly soon, too. Another one is coming and you can Google "Roe v. Wade" movie trailer.

To those who are abortion supporters, please be so kind as to refer to us in the right way - we are pro-life, not anti-abortion. You are pro-death, or anti-life. It's interesting the choice of wording that is used in the news and other reporting.

You have heard it before but it is not a choice, it is a baby. Your choice was made when you went to bed with that guy. Don't try to cover up your bad choice by killing your baby. And how does the man feel that contributed his part in producing new life? We don't hear much about him.

That one cell from each of you produced the first cell of your baby - loaded with the DNA necessary for the programming of all the characteristics of that new person. Take time to study the miracle of DNA.

One billboard I pass in my travels each week says that a baby's heartbeat starts at 18 days (not weeks). If it is only a glob of tissue and not a life from the very moment of conception, just leave it alone and maybe it will dissolve or go away!

Shirley Peterson,