While I am not special pleader for our president, I am an ardent pleader for our Constitution and the rule of law.

Recent letter writers indicate they want the president removed from office, frequently citing the Constitution. They, like the rest of the far left, have no factual basis for his removal. For those who are obviously confused, I would suggest taking the free online course, Constitution 101, from Hillsdale College.

This president fully cooperated with the Mueller investigation, not once exerting executive privilege - something both Presidents Clinton and Reagan used.

The Mueller investigation took two years and $35 million and ended with no criminal charges for collusion or obstruction. The Democrats did not get what they hoped for, so they want to redo the investigation.

Democrats show their outrage at AG Barr for what they say is lying to Congress. I don't believe that to be true but even if it is, where were these people's outrage when Brennan and Clapper lied to Congress? Both these lies have been proven by their own admission.

What about Congressman Schiff lying to America when he said he had hard evidence of collusion? Where was their outrage when, during the Obama administration, the Russian hacking took place and Susan Rice told the cyber-security experts working the issue to stand down?

The Constitution is for all of us, even the president. Hating the president is not sufficient grounds for impeachment. Facts, truth and the Constitution do matter. Lies, innuendos and name calling don't.

We have a national debt over $22 trillion and a crisis at our southern border with more apprehensions so far this year greater than the annual numbers for the last five years.

The Democrats are focused on politics instead of America.

Dale Probasco,