In the 8th Congressional District in the Iron Range, outside groups spent $9.6 million, most of it from conservative PACs in opposition to Democrat Joe Radinovich, according to the Dec. 11 Star Tribune.

Negative TV ads appeared prime time on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and Fox Sport channels, weeks before Election Day.

So for now, what can Congressman Pete Stauber do for us that Joe Radinovich would have done?

Joe is a staunch supporter for mining in the 8th District - an industry that brings in hundreds of millions in revenue and employs thousands of people as an economic driver in the region. He feels that the well-being and futures of people in the 8th District hinged on access to services that must be eventually across the state - whether that's equal funding for infrastructure; rural broadband, health care coverage; primary and post-secondary education; affordable housing; and smart city planning sustainable over the long term.

He feels that we need these minerals in the 21st century and copper, nickel and cobalt are going to be in wind turbines and batteries. PolyMet has met his economic and environmental standards.

He said that whether you're working in a paper mill or working at a check-out aisle in a store, or working at the port in Duluth, technology and mechanization are rapidly disrupting our economy. Bob Uppgaard,

Pequot Lakes