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State Rep. Ron Kresha re-elected in District 9B

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Minnesota House of Representatives candidates Stephen Browning of Little Falls, a Democrat, and incumbent Ron Kresha of Little Falls, a Republican, competed to represent District 9B.

"I have had a really good response and looking at the results, I think we'll get re-elected," Kresha said as results were coming in earlier in the night. "I have had a really good rapport in this district. I've just gotten to know a lot of people. I've worked with the schools and businesses and that has paid dividends."

Kresha received 11,802 of the votes cast while the 36-year-old Browning received 4,548 votes in the Tuesday, Nov. 6, general election.

The 48-year-old Kresha is the CEO of Golden Shovel Agency and sits on these House committees: commerce and regulatory reform, education finance, health and human services reform, and subcommittee on child care access and affordability.

"I've always been very positive, so it really has been about responsibility and leadership versus politics," Kresha said. "I've always just run my campaign based on the results for this area. I have never really looked at the national politics, so that hasn't been a consideration for me."

Browning grew up in Morrison County. He was born in Elbow Lake and moved to Little Falls when he was 5 years old. He earned a degree in elementary education from St. Cloud State University.

"The hope is that Ron sees the amount of work we've put in and hopefully he realizes that he needs to step up his game and that he's got to do a better job representing our district because he didn't put in the work this time that we did, but it still panned out for the incumbent," Browning said.

"There was nothing I could have done more than what I did during the campaign. I'm a second-grade teacher, so every single day this summer, six hours a day, every day I knocked on doors. ... I went to every single city council, county commissioners meeting," Browning said.

"I put in a 100 percent effort, and one of the things I've heard is that Ron has not been representing this community by showing up at these places, and I hope that he takes that message that we show that we're willing to do that."

Browning ran on a platform of expanded broadband access, affordable child care and preschool, long-term care availability, and investments in rural infrastructure.

"I would really, really like to see him do a better job representing all the people of Morrison County, and hopefully he takes a look at the election results and realizes he still has a lot of work to do," Browning said.

"If I don't run again, I'll take everything I've done—the data I've built up, all of this information—and help the next candidate who runs on a progressive platform."