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Letter to the editor: Goddard is choice for sheriff

The Crow Wing County sheriff's race is one of contrasts. When assessing who to vote for I would challenge you to look at the experience and credentials of the two candidates.

As a person who has lost loved ones to cancer and who battles cancer myself, I ask myself who I would rather have treat me for my condition, a general practitioner or a doctor of oncology and cancer specialist. I will always opt for the specialist.

Compare this to the two candidates, a road deputy who has never achieved a promotion to a supervisory or managerial position in the department or a person who has worked hard, has a spotless work record and currently is a "specialist" as captain for the department.

The decision is an easy one for me. Capt. Scott Goddard is my choice for the next sheriff of Crow Wing County.

Alison Collins,

Pine River