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Letter to the editor: Radinovich deserves our vote

Outside money pouring into Minnesota from unidentified sources focused on one thing. They want all Democratic candidates defeated.

The biggest victim of this outside money bombardment in this area is our own Joe Radinovich.​ Dozens of times every day he is bombarded with repetitive attack ads with little or no regard for fact or truth.

To a tiresome point he is hit over a couple youthful indiscretions. After that it is millions of dollars of distortions, misquotes and outright lying about positions he has taken and actions accomplished. At last count it was over $7 million spent to defeat Joe. Don't let it happen!

Joe is an admirable young man. He endured tough life experiences at an early age and has come through them to become our strongest candidate to represent our interests in Congress.

Don't let that secret money destroy the excellent long-term potential of Joe Radinovich.

Don Bye,

Pequot Lakes