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Letter to the Editor: Tayloe is young, excited to serve

Five months ago, I was approached by a number of different people concerned about what was happening with our city. All asked the same question, "What can we do?" From this, the group People for Pequot was born.

I was asked to lead the group. I was also asked to run for mayor. I politely declined the latter as I felt that I could do much more with this wonderful group.

We have an opportunity to make a change in the direction of Pequot Lakes on Nov. 6. Please vote for James Tayloe to be our next mayor. James is young and excited to serve. He has some really great concepts and ideas to guide Pequot Lakes forward.

He is opposed to the removal of Patriot Avenue and to the use of tax dollars to fund park projects. Please vote for James "J.T." Tayloe on Nov. 6.

Ryan Buell,

Pequot Lakes