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Cultural study done at Crosslake Log Village - No Native American artifacts found

Susan Mulholland, Duluth Archaeology Center, and Crosslake Area Historical Society board president Tom White discuss diggings at the Historic Log Village. Submitted Photo 1 / 3
Elizabeth Yordy, assistant, is shown at a dig in Crosslake. Submitted Photo 2 / 3
Susan Mulholland, Duluth Archaeology Center, is shown at a dig in Crosslake. Submitted Photo 3 / 3

A cultural study was done recently at the Historic Log Village in Crosslake.

Susan Mulholland, principal investigator from the Duluth Archaeology Center, LLC, conducted the research, assisted by Elizabeth Yordy. They analyzed 17 diggings in the area surrounding the Visitors Center to determine if there were any Native American artifacts that would prevent the Crosslake Area Historical Society from continuing work on the electrical lines and sewer connections.

This study is required before disturbing federal land through the historical society's lease of federal Corps of Engineers property.

No artifacts were discovered. As soon as the Corps of Engineers receives and approves the report, work can continue with the Visitors Center utility hookup.

The lease also required that the water pumped from the hand pump in the Historic Log Village be tested for safety. The water test results were received, and all is OK; the water is potable. The Corps of Engineers was given a copy of these results for its file. Now when children are entertained by the water pump, they can taste the water.