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Letter to the editor: Distorting history

Last week one of the more prolific letter writers in his superficial analysis of Adolf Hitler stated that Germany started both World War I and World War II.

Historians have a far more complete perspective. Serbian nationalism was the catalyst for WWI in an era where national alliances and treaties, along with belligerent, militaristic leaders in most countries all but assured some sort of armed conflict in Europe was inevitable.

The conditions laid upon Germany in the Armistice ending WWI were so onerous that they were actually the seed and fertilizer that facilitated the rise of Adolf Hitler and his followers, who tapped into the superiority psyche of the German people.

The fact that none of the European nations stood up to Hitler in his rearming of Germany certainly means they were also responsible.

White Supremacists buy into that same type of lunacy. Trying to discredit them as admirers of Hitler only muddies the water, along with distorting history in a country that seems bent on erasing our own past.

Peter D. Abler,