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Letter to the editor: Let's improve Paul Bunyan Trail

I feel beautifying our year-round Paul Bunyan Trail benefits more people than the proposed seasonal splash park.

I live right next to this trail and it gets used year-round by both locals and tourists. If the local businesses and the city of Pequot Lakes want to draw more people into our town, why not work together with the DNR and local snowmobile groups to improve and upgrade the trail itself?

There's been a lot of trimming of trees and the branches have been left there to decay. I feel that if all these branches along with the other downed trees were to be run through a chipper and used to upgrade the grassy trail that runs parallel to the paved trail for the studded snowmobiles and the ATVs, we would have even more people access it.

These chips could also be used to make nice paths through the woods to the various businesses along the trail. There's already some paths established, but there should be a path for all of them that are interested. The businesses could purchase a bench and/or a garbage can with their name and website and place it on the trail by the path that leads to their establishment. This would give the travelers a quick reference to what that business has to offer and exact location.

We could use more rest areas/benches for the people using the trail. The trail needs to be mowed on a regular basis and the poison ivy under control. There are raspberries, blackberries and chokecherries for people to eat. Each business could be responsible for the upkeep of the path that leads to their place of business.

"The Heart of the Good Life" signage could be placed at various mile markers.

What do you think?

Julie Durham,

Pequot Lakes