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Letter to the editor: WWIII is not a charm

Donald Trump is struggling wildly trying to keep his head above water in our White House. The floods he's battling are of his own making; he keeps blowing up dams, creating Johnstown-like floods for himself, mirroring his six bankruptcies and 3,500 lawsuits. It's his nature.

The president's job is tough if you're trying to accomplish anything. President Obama experienced this struggle helping not only the 80 percent poorer U.S. people but when possible helping others in the world also.

The job was made tougher by those like Sen. Mitch McConnell, whom I consider a traitor to our Constitution for many reasons, starting with his blockage of Obama's decent Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland. Republicans, please don't whine if/when payback time arrives. McConnell and party Republicans declared war on Obama before he was even sworn in!

Obama, as it turned out, was among very few leaders having the one top quality and requirement of a good leader: empathy.

Party Republicans, by nature if not definition, try to solve every problem by causing even more pain. "People out of work and hungry? Cut off their food stamps (SNAP); that'll teach those lazy slackers!" And just how are you going to go out and do well at a job if you're undernourished?

No rich-man's chocolate cake at Mar-a-Lago for them! And two pieces besides.

But if you're determined to do nothing as president, that's possible also. George Bush proved that. 9/11 happened on his watch. Forgiving U.S. people even let that pass!

Trump is itching to start WWIII as a distraction. Germans seemingly love war, but they're not good or lucky at it. Consider WWI and WWII; they started and lost both of them. Is it our turn to get destroyed and beat?

A. Martin,