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Letter to the Editor: Thank you, Terwilligers

Cindy Terwilliger - Great job with the Gull Lake Drifters snowmobile club monthly newsletter. You articulate and simplify each and every point so well month after month! Your efforts in keeping the snowmobile club's Facebook page updated keep people informed of the trail conditions in the lakes area. And the time John puts into grooming the trails and keeping the equipment up and running is amazing too.

The impact this has on the area businesses is gigantic! There is nothing like smooth, well-groomed trails to bring snowmobilers to the area, and that's good business, period.

It was nice running into you at Herberger's the day after our club meeting. Yep, there you two are selling coupon books for the local 4-H club. As I talked with John at Herberger's we would stop the stories we were sharing and he'd sell a coupon book to a guest walking in. Those not buying the coupon book were offered a suggestion of buying a book if they made a purchase that day. Great selling, John!

You and John do such an amazing job with so many things in Nisswa and the surrounding area. You are a community hero! I can only hope others see what an impact you both have in the community! I'll just say "thank you" for all you do now.

Kevin and Debbie Ferrell,